How do I request a continuance of my case?

To request a continuance, you must file a motion with the Court which contains the case name, case number(s), and an explanation of your reason for requesting a continuance.  A form is provided for your convenience under the Court Forms tab on this website.  You must serve all opposing parties with a copy of the motion at or before the time of filing.

How can I find out when my next court hearing is?

The date/time of a hearing is written on your notice.  Please contact the Clerk of Courts if you have any further questions.  The Clerk’s website may be accessed by clicking HERE.

How much do I owe on my case?

Please contact the Clerk of Courts.  The Clerk’s website may be accessed by clicking HERE.

Where is the Municipal Courthouse?

The Clermont  County Municipal Courthouse is located at 4430 S.R. 222, Batavia, Ohio 45103 between the Clermont County Jail and the Sheriff’s office.

How do I get a Public Defender?

You are only eligible for a public defender if you are facing jail time as a possible sentence.  If jail is a possible sentence, you must be interviewed by the public defender to see if you qualify.  The public defender’s office will determine if your income and/or assets qualify you for their representation.  If your income and/or assets exceed the eligibility guidelines, you will not be represented by a public defender.  You may still hire your own lawyer.

The Public Defender can be contacted at (513) 732-7418