History of the Court

The Clermont County Municipal Court was statutorily created in 1991 and began operation in January 1992.  The Court originally consisted of two judges, Jerry R. McBride and Thomas R. Herman, who were the first two judges elected to the court.  James A. Shriver replaced Judge McBride in 1995 when Judge McBride was appointed to the Common Pleas Court.        

In 1999, the Ohio legislature created a third judgeship for the Court to assist with the increasing caseload.  Victor M. Haddad was elected to this seat.  Anthony W. Brock replaced Judge Haddad in 2007 when Judge Haddad was elected to the Common Pleas Court.  Kenneth W. Zuk replaced Judge Herman in 2011 when Judge Herman was elected to the Common Pleas Court.  George E. Pattison defeated Judge Zuk in an election in 2011.  In 2013, Kevin T. Miles replaced Judge Shriver, who was appointed to Probate/Juvenile Court.  Judge Pattison retired in 2016 and Jason E. Nagel was elected to fill his seat.  In 2017, Judge Brock was elected to the Common Pleas Court and was replaced by Judge Jesse B. Kramig.

The current judges of the court are Jesse B. Kramig, Kevin T. Miles, and Jason E. Nagel.

Clermont County Municipal Court was originally housed in the Kahle Building at 289 E. Main St. in Batavia.  On December 3, 2004, the Clermont County Municipal Courthouse was dedicated at 4430 State Route 222 in Batavia, next to the Clermont County Jail.  The new courthouse contains the latest technological advances, facilitating the smooth operation of the judges’ dockets, and providing a user-friendly atmosphere for litigants to present their cases.  The courthouse also is connected to the jail by an underground tunnel, which allows inmates to be transported to their court appearances in a much safer, secure, cost-effective manner.